The Closed Loop Program Guidelines

This program rewards customers who return old clothing back to us after they have completed a purchase on our web site.

With every order you will received your purchased items plus a  pre-paid return label in a re-usable recycled mailer bag.

The return costs will be covered by MPAZ STUDIO LLC.

We don't accept different bags, you must return your old clothes in the same bag you received your purchased items.

Once we receive your order we will e-mail you with a one-time discount code with the value of $5 redeemable on our online store.

There's in no minimum or maximum amount of clothing, you can return what fits in the bag you received, if it doesn't fit don't send it.

Promo codes don't expire, you can use it any time you want, however only one promo code per order is accepted.

We take any brand of clothing in good condition. (No undergarments) If your clothes are not in good condition we will not apply your discount code and your clothes will be donated to GoodWill.

Clothes that qualify will be used to create new item we sell on our online store.

Once you have sent an item or items to us, you refuse ownership of those items and donate it to MPAZ STUDIO LLC which can then use those items at its will. 

We don't take any responsibility on lost packages by shipping companies, if your return gets lost and doesn't come back to us we will not award a credit.